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Who can advertise on Roxxxie?

The only person(s) that can advertise on Roxxxie are verified providers in current major cities. We pride ourself in ensuring that everyone on this platform is real. No one on this platform is forced, but independently take pride in their services.

Furthermore, to publish an ad, it is required that you have the following:

  1. A personal Website.
  2. A phone number.
  3. An email address.
  4. Links to your current running ads from Slixa, Eros, and/or P411 are optional.
  5. Social Media links are preferred, but optional.

Having these items showcases that you are serious with your craft and you invest in yourself and time. This is non-negotiable.

How does Roxxxie go about verifying ads?

Roxxxie goes to great lengths in ensuring that all ads are real through extensive and intensive security checks. These measures include checking verifications through other platforms, video interviews, and meet and greets.

Can an agency advertise on Roxxxie?

No, we do not allow agencies to advertise on this platform. We prefer indenpendents to safeguard the community.

If I can not verify by Roxxxie’s standard, what are other ways to verify myself?

The only other way to verify yourself is through a meet and greet with a specialist and a minimum of two references that are already on the platform. If you can not do that, we will not activate your account.

What kind of information does Roxxxie require for account creation?

Note that Roxxxie does not request personal or identifying information of any form. The basic requirement is a name, email address, and a number on your previous advertising accounts. If we feel we need to do further investigation, we will reach you directly.

Any questions or comments regarding the F.A.Q’s, please contact